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The Group of Asset

Asset Group of Companies Private Limited. has carved a reputation for itself as one of Sri Lanka’s most accomplished corporations in a wide variety of sectors ranging from real estate and property development to information technology. With years of business experience operating in Sri Lanka under the aegis of a visionary professional management team, we possess a formidable understanding of the Sri Lankan business environment. Our commitment to pioneering excellence is evident by the strong emphasis our employees accord to cultivating keen analytical insight and pursuing innovative practices.

Asset Group of Companies serves as the parent company of a litany of other companies with a wide variety of interests in a diverse number of industries. Its successful business record has enabled it to cultivate an impressive and trustworthy business pedigree which has won the confidence of international investors. Asset Group of Companies takes pride in the collaborative ventures it has successfully undertaken in the infrastructure development sector with foreign firms. Our foreign business partners hail from regions as diverse as North America, Europe and East Asia. Asset Group of Companies is inspired and driven by the vision to becoming the most sought after business partner in Sri Lanka for pursuing strategic investment ventures.

Corporate Statements


To achieving market leadership in every segment of our Group through dedication, discipline, team work and constant innovation.


To be a dynamic team providing exceptional service through exemplary citizenship.

John Smith
Managing Director

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Asset Security
(Private) Limited
Our Asset Security arm is mainly focused on providing security services for ongoing operations. We are currently assisting various projects by conducting general safety training, road safety, traffic control and first aid programs and security and disciplinary measures required at the site.
Asset Networks
(Private) Limited

Asset Networks (Private) Limited is an end-to-end outsourcing services provider. We address your business challenges through our integrated IT and business process outsourcing solutions. We unlock business value by applying proven process methodologies and business excellence frameworks to significantly reduce costs, enhance effectiveness and optimize business processes.

Our business solutions and leadership have been recognized by several global companies such as Samsung SDS and Microsoft. We are an equal-opportunity employer and continue to be regarded for our excellent human resource and leadership.

Asset Engineering
(Private) Limited
Undoubtedly our forte, Asset Engineering (Private) Limited is proud of the critical role that the company has played in Sri Lanka’s development, especially in relation to improving and renovating the country’s primary infrastructure facilities. In collaboration with many of our international investors and construction firms, Asset Engineering has been involved in several projects relating to the construction of infrastructural facilities. As Sri Lanka strives to break away from its lower-middle income status, Asset Engineering stands ready to offer its support and expertise. Asset Engineering will not be complacent about our accomplishments but will dedicate ourselves to the strengthening of business structure by expanding our capabilities in the fields of project planning, engineering and design to ensure customer satisfaction.
Asset Arcade
(Private) Limited
The Asset Arcade is a state-of-art office cum shopping complex which lies in the heart of Fort, the sprawling commercial epicenter of the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Asset Arcade is also in the vicinity of some of the iconic hotels in Colombo, World Trade Centre and lies in close proximity to the Port of Colombo. Important state institutions are conveniently located nearby and the Colombo International Airport is only 40 minutes away. On more than 100,000 square feet of space, this ultra-modern building has 5 floors with provision for 2 more floors. Believed to be one of the most luxurious and largest office complexes in Fort, it is a strategic location for trade accessibility. The building is a solution to the enigma of space and accessibility within the heart of the city of Colombo.
Asset International
(Private) Limited

Assets International (Private) Limited has a decade of expertise in dealing with leading international construction companies for mega development projects in Sri Lanka. The company is involved as a facilitator and local infrastructure provider for major infrastructure development projects. As a truly Sri Lankan corporate citizen, the company has thrived in the corporate world and beyond by liaising with government agencies for the implementation of country’s development projects and its smooth operations.

Through Asset International, we have ventured into a variety of construction projects such as roads, highways, expressways, bridges, buildings, town development, shopping malls, complexes and stores.

Asset Marketing
(Private) Limited
Asset Marketing (Private) Limited is our most recent subsidiary with its first venture being in the provision and supply of fresh, cold pressed beverages. Our passion is in helping people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are both delicious and healthy. Using locally grown produce, we will also be making our contribution to the providing sustainable livelihoods to local farmers and suppliers.
Asset Travel and Tours
(Private) Limited
Asset Travels and Tours (Private) Limited is an IATA Accredited Travel Agency focusing on providing total travel solutions matched by high service standards to a very demanding segment of the market, whilst targeting to be one of the leading corporate travel management agencies in Sri Lanka. We deliver overall satisfaction to our travellers and clients and at the same time, fulfilling their requirements and needs with our dedicated staff and diversified service range including airline ticketing, visa, transport and hotels.
While the Group of Asset represents many leading global conglomerates, the strength of our global partner network and strategic alliances, together with the experience and expertise of the group, has positioned Asset Holdings as a leading, credible service provider for multiple local and international industries. As a group of companies providing a highly diverse range of services across multiple service sectors, we are constantly in search for strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships that could yield long-term productive results.

For more information on partnerships: info@groupofasset.com.
With strategic local and global investments in high net worth sectors such as telecom, real estate and information technology, Asset Holdings’ mechanism of identifying rich dividend opportunities has been cultivated, refined and mastered through years of experience making Asset Holdings Private Limited the most sought after business partner in Sri Lanka for pursuing strategic investment ventures.

For more information on investments: info@groupofasset.com.
Asset Holdings actively scouts for new talent to join us. Our employees find careers at Asset both challenging and rewarding. We believe in investing in the professional skills of our employees and training them not only to succeed within our company but also to become future leaders of Sri Lanka. Please send your resumes to: info@groupofasset.com.
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